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Make your own holiday history

July 4th, 2018

Prior to the Industrial Revolution most workers were engaged in work on the land. By its very nature this seasonal work provided automatic periods of rest (periods of unpaid time off) so holidays were sort of automatic. But the onset of the Industrial Revolution was about to change all that.

As the new focus on manufacturing in factories and workshops expanded, people were enticed by the offerings of innovation and advancement (and a real job to support their families) so they left their country life behind and moved to where the work was.

Even with all of the advancement in technology and transport, workers conditions were rather harsh. They were often required to work long hours over a 6-day week. Sundays were granted status as the traditional day of rest and apart from the religious holidays at Easter and Christmas, it was work, work, work.

In Britain the concept of “paid leave” wasn’t introduced until around 1871 with the Bank Holiday Act. This gave workers their first taste of public holidays. But it took another 60+ years before real paid vacation time was ratified across the globe, and here in Australia – 100 years later – four weeks of paid annual leave was accepted.

The concept of holidays was born, and the rest is history!

Holidays are all about the connections we make

For most of us holidays are a time for connecting and rejuvenating. Taking time out to be with family and friends, visiting new places, doing new things, relaxing and enjoying our time off, switching off from the pressures of work or just enjoying some “me” time.

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How do you know when you’re ready for a holiday? 

Recent research (2017) shows that we no longer clock off at the end of each day or on the weekends, but instead our work and personal lives are blending more and more, work demands, clients, bosses and our colleagues all encroach on our attention at all hours of the day, and the expectations we place on ourselves are high.

Are you ready for a holiday? Take this short quiz:

  1. Is the memory of your last holiday fading.
  2. Does your social life consist of scrolling through social media.
  3. Your boss said you have too much leave saved up – forced holiday time.
  4. You are starting to get a little bored.
  5. You’ve forgotten how to switch off your devices.
  6. When is the last time you heard yourself laugh out loud.
  7. You find you don’t smile when you say hello to someone.
  8. Does it feel like that daily routine is stale.
  9. You feel like you haven’t got time for a holiday, maybe next year.
  10. You’re always tired and don’t seem to get enough sleep.

If you answer YES to any of the above, it’s time for a holiday.

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How to get ready for a holiday 

  1. Schedule some white space in your diary – take time to plan your holiday.
    This article from Huffington Post is very interesting. 
  2. Learn to breathe deeply – it can increase your energy levels.
  3. Stop and look around you and be present.
  4. Shop for a new camera, go traditional it could be rewarding.
  5. Learn the lyrics to John Denver’s “Leaving on a jetplane”.
  6. Get creative and compose your phone’s voicemail message.
  7. Set up a holiday email auto responder – Not here right now, on holidays.
  8. Start singing “Leaving on a jetplane” out loud around the office.
  9. Throw a going away dinner party.
  10. Pack lightly – buy new when you get there.

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